Roof Trusses


A roof truss is an engineered framework consisting of structural members forming triangles. Timber roof trusses are now specified for the majority of domestic roofs constructed in South Africa.

There are many advantages to using roof trusses. Roof trusses allow the builder to complete a project more rapidly which may avoid exposing the structure to unwanted weather conditions. They also result in cost savings in labour and assurance that the structure is sound and meets the requirements of the building code. Great pride is taken in the precise detail, engineering and construction of each and every truss that we build for our customers. We look forward to providing you with a quality product and service that you not only deserve, but you should expect.

Pre-fabricated from high quality, stress graded SABS mark bearing timber and joined with steel nail-plate fasteners, the roof truss offers:

  • A flexible, practical and fully engineered solution to your roofing requirements.
  • conomy of materials, as roof trusses can use up to 40% less timber than a traditionally formed (made-on-site) roof.
  • Reduced labour costs on site, due to the amount of prefabrication, releasing site carpenters for more complex areas.
  • Quick erection of the roof structure, enabling other trades to commence quickly.
  • Reduction in site waste, loss and pilferage of valuable materials.
  • Space saving on site, with no need for timber storage or carpentry work areas.


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